Any product manufactured by CallerID.com is covered under a 1-year limited warranty. This warranty is extended to the original purchaser of the equipment direct from CallerID.com as well as customers of dealers and distributors for CallerID.com products. This warranty is not transferable to any other parties.

  • The 1-year limited warranty covers all parts and labor required to repair equipment manufactured by CallerID.com.
  • The warranty period begins on the ship date from CallerID.com. The serial number of the unit is used to determine the ship date.
  • A return material authorization (RMA) number is required before returning equipment for repair. Please contact CallerID.com to obtain an RMA number.
  • All repairs are made at the CallerID.com in Norcross, GA. Customers are encouraged to return items via traceable carrier and are responsible for freight charges to the repair facility. CallerID.com will pay for freight charges shipped back to the customer on warranty repaired units.
  • All warranty repairs are warranted by CallerID.com until the end of the original warranty period. All non-warranty repairs are covered for 90 days for the repairs made to solve the existing issue(s) when the unit is received. We will not cover any other unrelated issue(s) that may arise during the 90 day period.
  • The warranty covers failures in materials or components occurring during normal use. It does not cover damage which occurs in shipment; failures which result from water damage, fire damage, accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, mishandling, misapplication, alteration, modification or unintended use of product; or service by anyone other than an authorized CallerID.com repair facility.
  • The warranty does not cover equipment struck by lightning or catastrophic power surges on either the AC power line or phone lines. Such events are identified when three or more components on the circuit board have suffered damage and/or electrical traces have been burned or vaporized.