About CallerID.com

Shipping to over 70 countries, our products have to work every time, all the time. Manufacturing commercial Caller ID equipment for more than 28 years we now provide at least 90% of the world market and are the sole-source provider for over 160 software partners. Rock-solid hardware and a dedication to customer service will ensure you will always get quality products and support.


Formed in 1992 as Zeus Phonstuff, Inc., CallerID.com has become the largest manufacturer of multi-line Caller ID hardware for computer business applications. Although, domestic volume outpaces international sales, units are compatible with virtually any Caller ID format worldwide and are approved for installation in over 70 different countries. CallerID.com is privately held and the original founding partners actively participate in the daily operation ensuring the most reliable and cost-effective Caller ID products on the market today.

Made in the USA

All Caller ID hardware is designed and manufactured at our Norcross, Georgia facility. We offer a variety of products to capture both inbound and outbound Caller ID along with other important phone call data. We have also created custom products, variations of existing devices, and private label many units for OEM's, distributors, and substantial organizations including AT&T, Yum! Brands, Domino's, Papa John's, the Social Security Administration, and the State Department of Saudi Arabia.

Dedicated Processors

All products designed and manufactured by CallerID.com utilize Dedicated Processor Architecture (DPA). In short, every phone line has its own dedicated microprocessor which captures, analyzes, and transfers call data. This allows for accurate processing of simultaneous calls on multiple phone lines no matter the volume of traffic.

Accurate Caller ID Detection

In some cases Caller ID signals have to travel through miles of wires, connections, and switches causing weak and/or distorted data. Each channel processor corrects questionable signals with pattern matching algorithms providing more good data and virtually no Caller ID errors.

Standardized Output Format

All products deliver data via a standard fixed-field format that remains consistent throughout the entire product line for both domestic and international applications. Developers require only one core interface for the entire Whozz Calling? series product line whether deployed domestically or internationally. Ethernet connected and VoIP devices utilize this exact same format within UDP packets.

International Caller ID

Caller ID delivery varies in different regions in the world. Analog signaling formats are sent via FSK or DTMF either before or after the first ring. Regardless of which country you intend to deploy our products, CallerID.com will provide the correct hardware to perform in that region.

Testing and Quality

Automated manufacturing, burn-in, and testing systems are employed to meet high volume demands and consistent quality standards. Our present, verified, defect rate is well less than 1 in 1,000. Before procurement, AT&T laboratories subjected units to a battery of electrical and environmental tests finding CallerID.com products to be "exceptionally well designed and manufactured".