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General Office Software

IdentaFone Multi-Line Caller ID Software ( )

IdentaFone software logs all inbound and outbound calls with screen pops from MS Outlook contacts or built in phonebook. Suitable for call centers, legal and realty offices and any multi line monitoring needs. Active line status with timers, memos, pager or email alerts, dialer, speech and wave file alerts are just some of its many features. LAN option allows the sharing of Caller ID hardware among several PCs. Recall history of any phone number and perform web reverse number lookups with one click of the mouse. Generate a wide variety of call accounting reports for time billing, marketing, staffing and employee performance. Runs on Windows 98, NT, 2000, 2003, XP as well as peer-to-peer and server-client Windows networks, Compatible with all Whozz Calling? products.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Ascendis Software ( )

Ascendis Caller ID and Whozz Calling? devices combine to make a powerful solution for your multi-line caller identification needs. Ascendis Caller ID tracks all incoming calls in its own printable database for future reference. Calls can be announced with pop-up windows, sounds, or speech, or just tracked silently. Calls can also trigger email or run any program you choose or pop-up the caller's contact in Outlook or ACT! 6. A built-in scripting language provides additional flexibility for advanced needs. All computers on a network can get immediate caller notification from the one connected to the Whozz Calling? device.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Bill Production ( )

This professional software enables "Whozz Calling?" devices to send Caller ID phone number directly into any contact manager application. Bill Redirect software support all "Whozz Calling?" products!

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Phone Amego for Mac OSX ( )

Phone Amego lets you use your Mac as a powerful "front end" for your Bluetooth cell phone, your Google Voice account, a VoIP telephone adaptor, and one or more landlines. Dial calls directly from your Address Book using whichever phone you choose. Enjoy on-screen Caller ID, call screening, logging, and many other advanced features. Simple to setup and use, a free 21-day trial version is available for immediate download.

With built-in support for Whozz Calling Ethernet hardware, Phone Amego brings professional multi-line Caller ID and call monitoring to the Mac.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Summit Caller ID Tracker ( )

This is a caller id tracking system that can run on a stand-alone pc or on a network. The software will notify you on new calls and track all call activity on your lines using the Whozz Calling or Whozz Calling Lite Caller ID units. View reports of inbound, outbound, by telephone number, or call statistics. Exclude numbers from logging or showing on the client monitor. The Summit Caller ID Tracker runs on any 32-bit Windows platform (Win9x / ME /NT / 2000 / XP).

Multi-line Caller ID Software