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Software Partners

Some of our software partners have elected to post their offerings on our web site.  We have attempted to list these companies under the most appropriate category.  By no means is a  complete listing of all our software partners.  If you question whether your software is compatible, please contact us.  A representative will provide you with the most recent information.

General Office Software

IdentaFone Multi-Line Caller ID Software ( )

IdentaFone software logs all inbound and outbound calls with screen pops from MS Outlook contacts or built in phonebook. Suitable for call centers, legal and realty offices and any multi line monitoring needs. Active line status with timers, memos, pager or email alerts, dialer, speech and wave file alerts are just some of its many features. LAN option allows the sharing of Caller ID hardware among several PCs. Recall history of any phone number and perform web reverse number lookups with one click of the mouse. Generate a wide variety of call accounting reports for time billing, marketing, staffing and employee performance. Runs on Windows 98, NT, 2000, 2003, XP as well as peer-to-peer and server-client Windows networks, Compatible with all Whozz Calling? products.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Ascendis Software ( )

Ascendis Caller ID and Whozz Calling? devices combine to make a powerful solution for your multi-line caller identification needs. Ascendis Caller ID tracks all incoming calls in its own printable database for future reference. Calls can be announced with pop-up windows, sounds, or speech, or just tracked silently. Calls can also trigger email or run any program you choose or pop-up the caller's contact in Outlook or ACT! 6. A built-in scripting language provides additional flexibility for advanced needs. All computers on a network can get immediate caller notification from the one connected to the Whozz Calling? device.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Bill Production ( )

This professional software enables "Whozz Calling?" devices to send Caller ID phone number directly into any contact manager application. Bill Redirect software support all "Whozz Calling?" products!

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Phone Amego for Mac OSX ( )

Phone Amego lets you use your Mac as a powerful "front end" for your Bluetooth cell phone, your Google Voice account, a VoIP telephone adaptor, and one or more landlines. Dial calls directly from your Address Book using whichever phone you choose. Enjoy on-screen Caller ID, call screening, logging, and many other advanced features. Simple to setup and use, a free 21-day trial version is available for immediate download.

With built-in support for Whozz Calling Ethernet hardware, Phone Amego brings professional multi-line Caller ID and call monitoring to the Mac.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Summit Caller ID Tracker ( )

This is a caller id tracking system that can run on a stand-alone pc or on a network. The software will notify you on new calls and track all call activity on your lines using the Whozz Calling or Whozz Calling Lite Caller ID units. View reports of inbound, outbound, by telephone number, or call statistics. Exclude numbers from logging or showing on the client monitor. The Summit Caller ID Tracker runs on any 32-bit Windows platform (Win9x / ME /NT / 2000 / XP).

Multi-line Caller ID Software

Economical Food Service Software

Denver Research ( )

ezPower Restaurant and Retail Point of Sales is a new generation of point of sale management software. Use with a touch screen, scanner, keyboard or mouse. Caller ID with Whozz Calling, Track sales, Waiters, Cashiers, Inventory and Customers, Reservations, Orders, Split Payments, Split Tables. Print to register, food to kitchen, drinks to bar. Password security, mailing lists, packing slips, automatic sale discounts. Available for single-station and networks. USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
F5 SalesTracker - Cafe ( )

A customizable Point of Sale package for restaurant developed and Marketed by F5 Technologies in Middle East and African region. F5 SalesTracker - Cafe offers an ideal solution for Fine Dining, Food Courts, Casual Dining, Coffee shops, Refreshments, Juice Shops, Ice Creme Shops, etc. with wide range of add on features . F5 SalesTracker - Cafe integrates with tablets and telephones for quick and accurate order taking.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
pcAmerica ( )

As an industry leader, PC America sets trends and make news with innovative products and services. With over 25 years in the Point of Sale (POS) Industry, PC America has obtained vast knowledge about the industry and a variety of business types. We gather information from other experts in the field as well as our own experiences and would like to share our thoughts and advice with our customers.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Plexis POS - Point of Sale Software ( )

Plexis POS is an easy to use, flexible Point-of-sale system that can be configured for a multitude of business types. Plexis POS has modules for General Retail, Liquor Stores, Pizza shops, Sandwich shops, Grocery and Convenience stores, Quick Service Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee Shops and more. Simply choose your business model and Plexis POS will configure itself for optimal performance. Plexis POS is compatible with Microsoft Windows 98, 2000 and XP. Choose from our Single Station version at $299.00 or the 10 Station Network version for $499.95 and automate today for less. Download our fully functional no time limit trial version and try Plexis POS in your business for free! Our Caller ID Server Module now integrates Whozz Calling? 2, 4 and 8 line units.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
RestaurantPlus ( )

Since 1999, RestaurantPlus has been developing touch screen point of sale and back office management software for tableservice and quick service restaurants. Headquartered in Wilmington, DE RestaurantPlus has grown into a successful restaurant software developer and is becoming the favorite choice of independents, chain operators, franchisers, and POS dealers throughout North America. RestaurantPlus is suitable for all types and sizes of restaurants. In addition to its POS and Back Office softwareand POS Hardware, RestaurantPlus provides optional General Ledger, Credit, Debit, Gift and Loyalty Card Processing,Delivery Caller ID and Mapping, Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) and Corporate Polling Software.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Super menu, LLC ( )

Super Deliver Restaurant POS is the simplest, easiest, and lowest-cost Restaurant POS software ever developed using the most cutting-edge technologies. It is so easy and intuitive that users can literally start using it without any training! It is also seamlessly integrated with our patent-pending Web Ordering technologies that can potentially increase your restaurant's profit by up to 30%. You will get three-month of free Web Ordering and Marketing service (a $120 value) when you purchase the software license for just $199. The combination of the free Web Ordering Service offer and the extremely low software license fee makes our product the best value among our competitors. Super Deliver Restaurant POS works seamlessly with Whozz Calling? POS series hardware to greatly enhance your operation efficiency and customer relation management.

Multi-line Caller ID Software

Pizzeria Software

DiamondTouch ( )

For 20 years, DiamondTouch has been the leader in Pizza POS. From easy order entry to tightly-integrated delivery management from innovative security to unsurpassed management tools. DiamondTouch has the extraordinary tools you need to solve your ordinary problems and run your operation smoothly and efficiently.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
FoodTronix ( )

The FoodTronix Restaurant Management System provides Table Service, Quick Service, Pizza Service, cash-control, employee security, employee theft detection, time cards, expedited kitchen dispatch system, delivery and driver management, inventory management, comprehensive management reports, instant credit card processing, multi-station support, multi-store support, local/regional customer relationship management and Internet integration. Save time processing phone orders using one of the POS series Caller ID units. New customer data is time consuming, let our reverse phone number lookup functionality pre-fill new customer's data for you instantly! Trouble finding the place, let our system give your driver step by step driving instructions and an accompanying map to print!"

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Point of Success Restaurant Management Software ( )

Point of Success is affordable pos restaurant software designed for use in pizzerias and all other types of restaurants and bars. The system includes order entry, order tracking, cash control, delivery management, extensive business reporting, and much more. Options include the Caller ID system, networking software, employee time keeping, employee scheduling and training CDs.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
POS Pizza ( )

POS Pizza is a Point of Sale system for use by Pizza and Sandwich Shops. This package is very easy to learn, and teach to your employees. Full support for kitchen printers, make-line screens, a driver dispatch console, and management (including remote management). The system supports Caller ID, touch-screen, and all of the core features that you would expect in a POS system. A completely free version of the software is also available.

Multi-line Caller ID Software

Restaurant & Hospitality Software

Aldelo Systems, Inc. ( )

Aldelo Systems has helped thousands of restaurants manage their store operations more effectively over the years. With over 20,000 installations and over 400 value added resellers around the world, Aldelo has both the experience and resources to handle POS automation projects of any size.

Aldelo Restaurant POS Software solution offers 100% touch operated POS, multilingual user interfaces, gift card management, house accounts, store credits, frequent buyers program, reservations, waiting list, guest paging, labor control and even inventory management all in one package. We also offer fingerprint security, headquarters control, kitchen display integration, hotel integration and much more.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Amigo Point of Sale ( )

With built-in modules for your restaurant, bar, pizzeria, nightclub, tavern, and quick service franchise, as well as retail store, c-store, and grocery store you can customize Amigo Point of Sale to suit your business. Fingerprint recognition, IP credit card processing, a drag & drop seating chart designer, gift cards, foreign language support and all other modules are included at no extra charge. Download the evaluation version and try it before you buy.

For instant access to customer order history and details before you pick up the phone, Amigo Point of Sale supports all Whozz Calling? Caller ID devices, including the Ethernet Link series, which requires virtually no setup.

Multi-line Caller ID Software

BIM POS a leading software provider for the hospitality management and the foodservice industry offers an intuitive and easy-to-use Point-of-Sale and ERP software for quick order, delivery, and table service operations. BIM incorporates a multi-line phone operating application that will detect Caller ID simultaneously on any line and any workstation.

So whether you are operating a fine dining restaurant, a quick-stop convenience store, or a multi-outlet fast food chain, there is no better and more trusted choice than implementing the award-wining point-of-sale solution of BIM POS.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Breakaway Restaurant Solutions ( )

Breakaway Restaurant Solutions provides Point of Sale (POS) systems, Online Ordering and Enterprise Management for the delivery, fast casual and quick service market segments.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Comtrex Systems Corporation ( )

Comtrex offers over 25 years of experience in the design, development, manufacture, supply and support ofelectronic POS terminals, management software and peripheral equipment to the hospitality industry.Our customers include quick service food establishments, bars, bistros, cafeterias, full service restaurants and institutional food service operations. We have over 45,000 Comtrex POS terminals installed worldwide, representing approximately 10,000 installations. Our products are marketed and sold through a network of authorized dealers in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Drexel Management ( )

Since the 1980's, Drexel Management Services has become an industry leader in innovation and quality. Work ethic and attention to detail are the highest objectives. We specialize in windows based product enhancements to existing multivalue based applications and customized solution based programming.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
EZ Software Solutions ( )

EZ Software Solutions' high quality, fully integrated software solutions for the restaurant, hospitality, and retail industry are designed to help you in an increasingly competitive industry. In addition to supplying the latest technologies at market competitive prices for any size business, we believe that in order to maintain market leadership, we must remain client-focused. We primarily work for our customers, who help us to fully understand their challenges and needs. Developing long-term relationships with customers and learning from their insight is what inspires us to create innovative solutions that will continue to meet their needs as their businesses grow and change.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Firefly Technologies ( )

The Phoenix Point-of-Sale system from FireFly Technologies is an innovative restaurant management system. Based on a browser interface and taking advantage of web technology, Phoenix is incredibly powerful and easy to use. From simple order taking to powerful delivery management, Phoenix is a complete solution for any type of restaurant. With our "Manage from Anywhere" philosophy, Phoenix allows users access to their system from anywhere, and access to data anytime. For Caller ID solutions, the Whozz Calling interface speeds up order taking and helps to prevent fraudulent orders.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Micr$ale POS ( )

Micro$ale POS was founded in 1989 and has been continuously serving you since. Micro$ale has been installed in over three thousand restaurants, bowling centers, delis, and markets including installations on every Air Force base worldwide. Micro$ale supports every facet of the hospitality industry including: Quick Service, Full Service, Pizza Delivery with Mappoint and caller id interface, BackOffice, Wireless Handhelds, and Enterprise Corporate Polling.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Microworks PriSM POS ( )

Backed by nearly two decades of customer driven innovation, Microworks PrISM POS offers an ideal computer system for pizza delivery, restaurant management and franchise food service. Complete with detailed sales reporting, inventory controls, food cost and labor cost analysis, this Microsoft Windows XP based system features simple, intuitive touch screen ordering software for table-service, delivery, take-out and catering. In addition to our rock solid traditional POS functionality Microworks now fully supports a tightly integrated web ordering module for a complete end-to-end technology platform.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Ordermate ( )

Supplying many quality restaurants in Australia with superior POS systems, Ordermate understands the restaurant business. Everyone in our company has had first hand experience in the restaurant industry and we incorporate that knowledge into all of our software designs to help make your life easier. Our philosophy is to keep it simple. Simplicity and ease of use are crucial in your software program considering the high turnover of the restaurant industry. With our clean, fresh user interface, each staff member will be able to be up and running in no time.

Multi-line Caller ID Software

OROCUBE LLC is an American POS company that serves over 30,000 stores in 25 countries across globe. Currently Headquartered in Lexington, SC, OROCUBE is known for its popular open source brand Floreant POS. OROCUBE has both the technology and resources to handle small and enterprise POS projects.

Floreant POS is OROCUBE's flagship open source POS that runs on windows, mac and linux. OROCUBE also offers specialized plugins for reservation, inventory and home delivery.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
PixelPoint Technologies ( )

PixelPoint is a leading developer of restaurant POS, Wireless, Web and Enterprise Software Suites for the restaurant industry worldwide. Since 1992, PixelPoint has been committed to providing reliable, flexible, and easy-to-use point of sale software solutions for table service and quick service restaurants. PixelPoint integrates to the Whozz Calling? 4 and 8 line units.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Profitek ( )

Profitek has been providing fully integrated software solutions, installable on standard PC hardware, since 1985. There is no substitution for experience and Profitek has evolved two unique and customizable solutions. One for retail and one for food service. Prfiteks design approach allows new owners an entry level solution they can afford, based on a robust structure that larger operations insist on.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Prosperity POS ( )

Prosperity POS develops Mac based point of sale software and systems for bars, restaurants, pizzerias, QSR, and more. Our solutions can handle anything from mom and pop pizzerias to a large scale restaurants. Our software runs on Mac OS X or iPad and we offer guaranteed pricing for the life of the product. Using Whozz Calling? ethernet based devices, you can automatically create customer files as new customers call, and retrieve them when returning customers call.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Ranger POS ( )

Ranger POS provides innovative point-of-sale (POS) for the hospitality, entertainment, Pharmacy and convenience store and retail environments. POS systems used in these industries must withstand high transaction volume, continuous operation, and contaminants such as food, grease, and dirt. Our approach to POS hardware is simple: focused innovation for "Non-Stop Sales Reliability" in the harshest retail environments with multilingual user interfaces, gift card management, house accounts, store credits, frequent buyers program, reservations, waiting list, guest paging, liquor control and even inventory management software all in one package. We also offer payment processing solution, fingerprint security, headquarters control, kitchen display integration, hotel integration, Security surveillance cameras integration with ranger pos and much more.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Restaurant Manager ( )

Restaurant Manager POS system has been setting the standard for easy-to-use, feature-full, point-of -sale systems since it was introduced by ASI in 1987. With integrated modules for table service, delivery, quick service, drive-thru and clubs, Restaurant Manager offers total solutions for the entire food service industry. In other words, Restaurant Manager can be easily tailored for use in any sort of business, from a four-star fine dining restaurant to a national pizza delivery chain. Restaurant Manager users benefit from ASI's position on the cutting edge of foodservice technology. Whether it's fully automated labor scheduling or an interface to the revolutionary new ASI Write-On Handheld device, Restaurant Manager gives you the tools you need to make your business a success.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Revention, Inc. ( )

Revention Point-of-Sale combines New Technology, Industry Expertise, and 24 hour, 365 days/year LIVE Support to provide the premiere software solution in the POS market today. Revention offers a complete turnkey restaurant/delivery management solution including all of the necessary hardware, complete installation and training. Developed in Microsoft .NET and Microsoft SQL Server and designed by restaurant / pizzeria experts, Revention offers custom development when requested.

Revention Enterprise is scalable to fit multiple business models, from the 1 store operator up to the 500 store franchisor. Revention's goal is to provide the business owner with one reliable resource to manage their entire operation. Revention's Caller ID module integrates with Whozz Calling? 4 and 8 line units.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Signature Systems, Inc. ( )

Since 1986 PDQ POS software from Signature Systems, Inc. has offered complete hardware and software solutions for your restaurant. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, SSI has become the #1 POS system for delivery and quick service applications. SSI's development team continually works to integrate the newest technologies for your business. Our in-house 24/7/365 support team ensures that you will always have a live support connection.

Driver dispatch, driver mapping, Caller ID features streamline your delivery operation. Drive-thru timers, line busters and automatic change machines accelerate your store's traffic. Complete online ordering, payment processing integration, reporting and management tools for both single store owners and the multi-chain franchisees give you the tools to manage and expand your business.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
SofftTouch POS ( )

Since 1994, SoftTouch, LLC has been providing POS Software and Restaurant POS solutions throughout the country. From quick service counter sales to fine dining with automatic coursing functionality, SoftTouch Point of Sale system is the perfect choice for restaurants ranging in size from stand alone stores to national chains. SoftTouch Restaurant POS and Hospitality Management, the leader in restaurant point of sale technology innovation. Our standard restaurant POS touch screen computer solution provides essential tools for dining, bar, delivery (including pizza functions), take-out and quick service (counter and drive thru).

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Speedline Solutions, Inc. ( )

SpeedLine industry-leading point of sale systems and services for pizzerias provide restaurant owners and corporate managers with the tools and information they need to grow their businesses, profitably and efficiently. The SpeedLine pizza POS systems use the Whozz Calling series units for Caller ID of incoming customer orders.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Touch Pro ( )

Touch Pro puts the power of our proven software to work for you and puts the power of management back in your hands. Our system allows you to control every operation of your business using our state of the art software in an easy to use package. The Touchpro system has proven itself in a broad variety of restaurants. From the small, single site restaurant to the growing multiple location restaurant, the Touch pro system provides rich functionality in an easy to use, modular system.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
TRIM-P.O.S. Software Corp. ( )

Flashpoint™ POS Software offers powerful functionality with features that greatly enhance the ease of order entry. Once you have integrated Flashpoint™ into your establishment, you will immediately have access to amazing new controls that will allow you to increase your profits and greatly reduce employee errors. TRIM-P.O.S. Software Corp.has been a recognized point of sale software leader in the Hospitality industry for over 20 years.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
TwoTouchPos ( )

Two Touch Technologies develops fast and reliable hospitality point of sale software. Our clients gain competitive advantages with our simple and powerful management tool while ensuring increased oversight of their business. TwoTouchPOS is distributed through a network of dedicated dealers nationwide.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Vital Link Business Systems ( )

Vital Link is one of the largest selling complete POS solutions for restaurant operators. It features easy up front order taking, inventory and cash management, comprehensive back office reporting, and corporate consolidations. The high quality hardware components of the VL POS system make for a reliable tool for restaurant operators. It uses the Whozz Calling ? series units to link all telephone activity to its powerful PC based turnkey systems.

Multi-line Caller ID Software

Dispatch Software

Appedgy ( )

Cab Hound offers a portfolio of web, smartphone and tablet apps and professional services for taxicab and livery industry that optimizes dispatching operations through a simple and customizable dashboard. Dispatch more efficiently with fewer clicks using a database of client information, caller ID integration and additional customizable features. Monitor all drivers and trip requests. Study and export individual driver and fleet analytics and searchable detailed trips logs. Track dispatcher performance. Communicate with encrypted two-way messaging with your drivers.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Cabulous ( )

Cabulous is a cloud based dispatching system that does away with superfluous features that clutter your dispatcher's screen. It provides a simple and clean interface that allows them to log and dispatch orders faster & more efficiently. Automatic dispatching allows dispatchers to focus on fewer calls, while multi-user capability allows remote monitoring of your dispatch system with just an internet connection.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Easy Dispatch ( )

Easy Dispatch software is designed specially for Taxicab and Limousine companies. Our low-cost, full-featured computer dispatch software provides your company a faster and more efficient way to handle calls and dispatching fare to drivers. It will increase your operating efficiency, and improve the call handling and fare dispatching capabilities, resulting in more revenue and profit for your company. Whether you are taking reservations, dispatching cars, billing customers, or cashiering drivers, you will find Easy Dispatch one of the most affordable and easy-to-use dispatch software packages in the world.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Gata Labs ( )

The Gata Fleet solution is a state-of-the-art dispatching system, built to offer consumers a seamless mobile hailing experience, while giving fleets a full back-end solution to manage their fleet. It comes with a fully integrated Driver App, Customer Hailing App and a Cloud Based Dispatching system. Automatic dispatching, enhanced fleet tracking and driver analytics allow you to offer customers a seamless booking experience. This affordable solution also gives fleets access to a network of mobile users, increasing their customer growth & retention.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
LiveryDesk ( )

LiveryDesk is an affordable cloud based dispatching platform. We enable transportation services to manage their entire fleet in real-time giving them a competitive advantage. LiveryDesk utilizes modern technologies to provide customers with the convenience and reliability they expect. LiveryDesk integrates with hardware via ELPopup to allow a better customer experience.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Logistrics ( )

Logistrics Taxi is an affordable web based proprietary fully featured dispatch application serving taxi and limousine service providers and works on a standard Android Smartphone or Tablet. The system can be integrated with to better serve your customers. We offer low upfront Costs and no Set up fee. Logistrics Taxi is proven solutions with 24/7 support which fully supports web & mobile booking and offers the benefit of automated dispatch.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
PC-Dispatch ( )

PC- Dispatch provides software for the ground transportation industry, consisting of large and small fleets across markets as diverse as taxicab, limousine, and paratransit fleets. Their solution empowers transportation fleets to serve its customers with significantly faster software, while reducing costs, and creating stronger, more profitable customer relationships. With over 150 installed users and growing, PC- Dispatch has become a recognized leader for providing high-performance transportation software solutions. Our system is unlike any other as it is flexible and sold in a modular fashion. This means customers can pick and choose what they need as they need it. No transportation solutions provider can offer this flexibility. It can create an affordable solution today that can grow with the customer tomorrow and years to come.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
TaxiCaller ( )

TaxiCaller is the most cost effective cloud-based dispatch system on the market, with no contracts or expensive investments. There's no hardware lock-in and no on-site installation needed, offering you a truly global and reliable solution.

TaxiCaller equips you the tools you need to stay competitive, like corporate solutions, invoicing, dynamic reports, multiple booking channels including IVR, web/reception booking and your very own passenger apps. Engineered in accordance with Sweden's high quality standards, TaxiCaller has proven itself to be a reliable tool for thousands of people in over 50 countries.

Explore the whole system yourself with our FREE TRIAL!

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Tranware, Inc. ( )

TranWare, Inc. provides Transportation Software for the Taxi, Paratransit, Limousine, Shuttle and Courier industries. Programs include Order Entry/Dispatch, Driver Cashiering and Shifting, Accounts Billing and Receivables and Fleet Vehicle Maintenance. The company also offers AVL, Automated Dispatch to MDT's, Phones and Pagers, plus 24/7 Emergency Support.

Multi-line Caller ID Software

Service Industry Software

Aptora Corporation ( )

Total Office Manager® is a multiple award winning service management and accounting software program. Features include powerful accounting, payroll, dispatching, scheduling, service agreements, serialized and multiple location inventory control, bar coding, flat rate pricing, sales proposals, job costing, sales commissions, departmentalized financial statements, Caller ID management, and a lot more. It even tracks technician profitability and employee productivity. This is an all-in-one software program. There is nothing else to buy.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Clear Computing ( )

Since 1988, Clear Computing has provided management software solutions to service delivery companies, such as the waste and sanitation industries, fuel delivery and more. We have specialized in customer records management and office operations, including invoicing, marketing, dispatch, routing, septage management and activity tracking. We have focused on the specialized needs of the industries we service, improving our products year-after-year with the features which are most valuable to our customers. At Clear Computing, we have built our reputation on our excellent customer service, both before and after the sale.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
CUC Software ( )

CUC Software, Inc. has been in the business of providing job costing and service dispatch software for contractors for over 26 years. Our philosophy is that software should make managing a construction business easier and more efficient, not more complicated. Our "Contractor Essentials" system is modularized and includes all standard business functions such as General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and PO's, Payroll, Inventory Control and Job Costing. Additional features include Service Dispatching, Caller ID, AIA & Progress Billing, Certified Payroll, Refrigerant Tracking, Mapping, Bar Coding, Flat Rate Pricing, and Marketing. Both lease and purchase options are available. CUC integrates Whozz Calling? POS series units.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Electronic Service Control ( )

Electronic Service Control provides users with efficient and easy ways to track customers, dispatches, service agreements, inventory, service history and more. In addition to the best dispatching in the industry, we have premium packages available including: interactive mapping, integrated caller id screen pops, bar-coding, flat rate pricing, a powerful mobile computing solution and expert technical support. The following industries successfully use ESC: HVAC, Plumbing, Appliance, Electrical, Locksmith, Telecommunications, Lawn and Pool Services, to mention a few. ESC is certified by Microsoft for Windows XP and SQL.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Jaray Software, Inc. ( )

Complete Integrated Software for any Service Business. Call Dispatch, Customer History, Marketing, Incentive Pay & Commissions, multi-line Caller ID, real-time, lookup, Document Scanning, GPS, Vehicle Tracking, Vehicle Maintenance, Reports, Preventative Maintenance Tracking and Instant Profitability Analysis. The "Call Tracker" software uses the Whozz Calling ? series units.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
RossWare Computing ( )

Rossware Computing produces a suite of software products designed to make running your business more efficient, easy and profitable. Clients in appliance service, consumer electronics, HVAC and other industries receive tremendous benefits from our comprehensive products. Our key product, ServiceDesk, manages all the fundamental operations of a service office, from call-taking and call-management, to scheduling, dispatch, job-management, inventory control, accounts receivable, etc. With direct CallerID integration using the Whozz Calling device, you know who's calling, their job history and current job status before picking up the phone.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Thoughtful Systems ( )

Trusted for over 25 years, Thoughtful Systems' Scheduling Manager is powerful employee scheduling, billing, payroll and job calendar software designed for service businesses. Our software is used by maid services, HVAC Maintenance, Pest Control, and many more! Scheduling Manager allows you to manage appointments and communication with clients and employees for your service business.

Assign jobs to employees, create client notes, and more. Scheduling Manager features a deep-level Customer Relationship Manager as well as an Employee Information Module to organize all information concerning your clients and employees. QuickBooks interface, mapping/routing, reminders, Deluxe hardware integration for efficient CRM, integrated e-mail system for all business management needs, integrated SMS functions.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Tree Management Systems ( )

Complete customer and job management, built exclusively for tree, lawn and landscape companies. Used by thousands of companies nationwide for more than 20 years. Cloud based access from any company anywhere. Manages customers from the initial phone call to proposal, scheduling, invoicing, receiving payment, and marketing. Features include: visual appointment and work scheduler, landscape cad drawing tool, and efficient mapping/routing, Works with QuickBooks. Mobile Estimator and Mobile Crew apps for field employees.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Wintac ( )

"All-in-one" refers to the fact that Wintac is a single, all-inclusive program for managing your entire business. While other service management programs may claim to be all-inclusive, none that we truly integrate all of the following components in one program: customer relationship management, contact management, field service management, office management, sales management, purchase management, payroll management, vehicle management, and full accounting. Our software is used by thousands upon thousands of service professionals spanning every state and dozens of countries to maximize productivity and increase profits. And with our focus on future technologies and a commitment to continually enhance our software, you can be sure that we'll keep your business on the cutting edge!

Multi-line Caller ID Software

Automotive Repair

Bolt On Technology ( )

Bolt On Technology the leader in automotive add on software adds Who's Calling Pro module to their software portfolio. Who's Calling Pro integrates directly with several popular Shop Management Systems including Mitchell1 Manager & Snap-On ShopKey. Our module seamlessly integrates into your existing management system and helps automate routine inbound call processes. At a glance you have the information regarding the inbound customer information. Our information screen provides insight into the customer calling in, including spending amounts, number of vehicles, notice of vehicle recommendations and rapid appointment setting feature.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
NAPA Tracks SmartCall ( )

SmartCALL instantly pops your TRACS customer info onto your computer screen before the phone rings. You can tell if it's a new or existing customer and view the customer's vehicle or repair order with a single click. The pop-up automatically clears once the call is complete. SmartCALL monitors all incoming and outgoing calls, you can also do a daily call analysis to measure calls per hour, missed calls, times when all lines are busy, and more. You can even see who may have called after hours so you can follow up the next morning and save the sale.

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Progressive Automotive Systems - R.O. Writer ( )

R.O. Writer Shop Management Software helps Automotive Repair and Tire Shops work smarter and faster. Features include Smart eCat, which checks part pricing and availability for 10 suppliers in 10 seconds, all at the same time. Other features include: Scheduling, AP, AR, Inventory Control, Marketing, multi-store solutions and more. Plus: the R.O. Touch mobile app that connects owners, service writers, and technicians via mobile technology. When you add Whozz Calling, you'll see the customer's name, phone number and whether they have any open or closed repair orders in history. You'll also get detailed reporting on when the customer called, how many rings to answer, call duration and more!

Multi-line Caller ID Software

Custom Software

M2 ( )

M2 Software specializes in developing custom software solutions that utilize the Whozz Calling? series units. We can offer you a completely custom CallerID application or integrate your current software with Caller ID and call monitoring functionality. Resellers welcome!

Multi-line Caller ID Software
Visual Byte, Inc. ( )

Visual Byte is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with over two decades of custom application design and development experience. We are please to offer custom applications integrating devices to satisfy your unique requirements. Visual Byte has years of experience and expertise with numerous other technologies like Windows Mobile and Virtual Earth and a solid understanding of quality design for your custom development project.

Multi-line Caller ID Software