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Caller ID for VoIP

Vertex Unit

Collects Inbound and Outbound call information on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone traffic. Other features include reporting of call duration, time before answer, and time on hold.

The output data format matches's analog devices, allowing for compatibility across product lines.

This device is a passive network packet sniffer.  All VoIP traffic of interest flows through the unit  while circuitry connected in parallel with the Ethernet transmit and receive pairs inspect data packets. This failsafe approach allows voice transmission, regardless of whether the Vertex is operational.

The Vertex is designed to work only with standard, non-encrypted, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)  signaling from the VoIP provider. Although most VoIP providers use unencrypted SIP, please verify with your provider before ordering.

Pricing is based on the number of voice channels that can be processed simultaneously. The number that your business will require equates roughly to the number of analog phone lines that would be used. Vertex units are available from 2 to 20 voice channels.

See How It Works showing typical connections and data flow.

Typical Uses

  • Pop-up Customer Records Even before answering a call, the customer's record can be shown. This allows employees a moment to review the client's information before responding.
  • Personalize Your Phone Calls Having your customer's information in front of you allows you to tailor your conversation to their needs.
  • Save Time Taking Orders Save precious seconds during peak hours by customers automatically being pulled up.
  • Call Back Unanswered Customers The hardware tracks whether calls have been answered or not.
  • Adjust Telephony Staffing Unit reports the time it takes to answer each call and the call duration.
  • Build Your Prospect List Software is available to "quick fill" new records with Caller ID names and numbers.
  • Bill Clients for Phone Hours Charge based on the total duration of all calls to and from your customers.
  • Track Telemarketing Productivity Examine the number of calls made and duration on the phone for each.

Software Available

Our free software, EL Popup, can be used for simple popup and logging applications. All call records are easily accessible for display, sorting, searching and exporting. More robust programs for office applications can be purchased from our general office software partners. These programs contain features to add customer records, call notes for each conversation, pre-programmed and customizable call reports. has partnered with many industry-specific application providers in the Restaurant/Hospitality, Taxi/Dispatch, Automotive, and Service industry. Some partners have elected to list their offerings on our Software Partners page. With over 100 active software partners, please contact us to help choose the best software for your specific needs.

Hardware Features

  • Inbound Caller IDIncoming call data includes line number; time, date, name & number; time before answer, time on hold, and total call duration.
  • Outbound Caller IDOutgoing call data includes line number, date and time, number dialed, time before answer, time on hold, and total call duration.
  • Detailed Data AvailableRing, Off-Hook, and On-Hook records can be sent. These match phone events in analog telephony. Extended records showing additional extension information can also be reported.
  • Call Accounting ModeUnits are capable of sending additional call accounting records to a back office computer to report all call activity for analysis.
  • Ethernet and Serial Port OutputMost of our software partners use our Ethernet connected hardware, but some have integrated only to serial port units. Connections are available for either.
  • Large InstallationsVertex unit are available from 2 – 30 voice channels to accommodate most any size business.
  • Handles most VoIP ConfigurationsWhether your architecture is Hosted, Sip Trunking, Asterisk, or ISDN w/ SIP Server the unit should handle it.
  • Diagnostic LED'sTo aid in troubleshooting, LEDs show status for each Ethernet Connection.
  • All Inclusive PackageProduct includes a wall mount power supply; (2) 6' Ethernet or Serial cables; mounting bracket; and quick start manual.


The Vertex has 2 Ethernet Ports in order to monitor VoIP traffic. The unit will analyze and process all VoIP traffic flowing through these two ports. Although your VoIP architecture may vary, the Vertex should be placed in line with all VoIP traffic from all phones of interest.

The overwhelming majority of VoIP installations are referred to as Hosted, or a Hosted PBX. Some of the more prominent companies offering Hosted VoIP are Ring Central, Vocalocity, Jive, Nextiva, and 8x8. These providers simply send customer phones which are then connected to the local area network. All configuration, setup, switching, voice mail, automated attendant, call cueing, and call control is performed by the service provider’s host computer in the cloud.

With Hosted VoIP, the Vertex is normally placed between the gateway router and the network switch which connects all the VoIP phones within the building. Installation diagrams are available for various architectures.

Programming Features

  • Versatile Data DeliverySet unit to send call records when call is initiated, when call ends, or both.
  • Real-time Phone ActivityTurn on detailed monitoring to report On-hook, Off-hook, Flash-hook, and Ring signal phone events.
  • Easy InterfacingUnit sends fixed field, space delimited, ASCII text terminated with a carriage return/line feed for simple string reads and field extractions. View Data Format.
  • Program Across Product LinesData Format remains the same across product lines. Output from Vertex matches the output from our Whozz Calling? analog devices.
  • Technical AssistanceFree programming assistance and technical support during the entire product warranty period. 
  • Programs and Source CodeFree executables and complete source code available for development and royalty-free distribution.
  • Programming ManualComprehensive manual designed with the developer in mind.

Software Developer's Benefits

Software companies linking our products to their system comprise the backbone of our business. Regardless of whether you are developing a new application or simply adding Caller ID to your widely distributed product, we are happy to lend assistance to your integration efforts. We offer Software Developer's Units, software tools, popup programs and complete, royalty-free source code for all executables. You will receive deep discounts and technical support during the entire product warranty period.


Physical Dimensions
6.0" x 7.1" x 1.4"
Shipping Dimensions
10" x 12" x 6"
Shipping Weight Domestic
3 lbs. (Actual weight, single unit)
Shipping Weight International
7 lbs. (Dimensional weight, single unit)
External Power Supply
Output 9VDC – Center Negative
110V-240V, 50-60Hz, 2A (includes 4 interchangeable prong sets)
Current Draw
VoIP Monitoring Ports
RJ45, 100Baset-T Ethernet Pass-through, no termination endpoint
Computer Connection
Input/Output - RJ45, 100Base-T Ethernet endpoint, DHCP or Static IP
Output only - DB9, RS232, 1200, 9600, or 38400 Baud, N, 8, 1
UL, SA and FCC


Voice Channels Retail Price
2 $325
4 $575
6 $795
8 $995
10 $1,175
15 $1,550
20 $1,895

Volume discounts available.

Retail customers see our complete End Users Price List.
Dealers and distributors see our Dealer Price List.