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Whozz Calling? Lite

Inbound Multi-Line Caller ID Hardware


Virtually the same as our Whozz Calling? POS series (Basic) units, these devices include one additional feature which is rarely needed: First Ring Suppression. To use this feature the unit must be connected in series with the phone lines. In order to accommodate all phone connections required for a series connections, dual gang (RJ14), modular jacks are used. Whozz Calling? Lite units are available in 4 and 8 line models and are a bit more expensive than their POS (Basic) counterparts.

Available in Serial Port and Ethernet Link models.

See How It Works showing typical connections and data flow.

First Ring Suppression

First ring suppression prohibits the office phones from ringing and being answered until the Caller ID is captured. This feature is critical when automated answering systems cannot be set to answer on the second ring.

When employees answer phone calls the benefit of blocking the first ring is usually outweighed by the disadvantages. Due to the phone company's timing of the ring-back to the originating caller, the customer hears almost a full ring before the ring signal is sent to the called party. So with first ring suppression activated, an employee answering after hearing 2½ rings would result in the caller hearing 5 rings. Most businesses and customers find this unacceptable and turn off the feature.

In truth, employees quickly get accustomed to answering the phone after seeing Caller ID popup on their screens. Moreover, the advantage of hearing the initial ring allows them a few moments to prepare for the phone call.

Dual Gang (RJ14) Modular Connections

Four-conductor, modular phone cords are capable of carrying 2 phone lines. Whozz Calling? Lite series units use 4-conductor, dual gang jacks meant for these dual line cords. For instance, phone lines 1 and 2 must be on one cord connected to the first port, lines 3 and 4 on another cord connected to the second port, etc. This may be convenient in some installations, but pose a problem in others.


Physical Dimensions
2.0" x 8.1" x 6.25"
Shipping Dimensions
3.2" x 9.4" x 12.5"
Shipping Weight
4lbs. (1.8 kg)
External Power Supply
Output 9VDC – Center Negative
Domestic Supply Input
120V, 60Hz, 350mA
International Supply Input
110V-240V, 50-60Hz, 350mA (includes 4 interchangeable prong sets)
Current Draw
4 line unit < 180mA, 8 line unit < 220mA
Phone Connections
Modular RJ14 (4 Wire)
Computer Connection
6' RS232 Cable or Ethernet 6' CAT5e Cable
Ringer Equivalence (REN)
UL, SA and FCC


Whozz Calling?SerialEthernet
4 Line Lite $375 $460
8 Line Lite $615 $700

Volume discounts available.

Retail customers see our complete End Users Price List.
Dealers and distributors see our Dealer Price List