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Product Selection Guide

The type of Caller ID unit required for your application will depend on the software it will be connected with and the country in which it will be used. Some software packages interface with only one hardware model while others support all units.

Caller ID signaling formats vary throughout the world, so it is important to select in which country the unit located. Basic hardware models support only a few Caller ID formats while Deluxe units handle virtually any format. ships either a domestic power supply used primarily in North America or a universal international type power supply that will operate properly in any country. The country selected will determine which power supply is required.

Product Compatibility with Selection
Whozz Calling? Basic Serial Select More Criteria
Whozz Calling? Deluxe Serial Select More Criteria
Whozz Calling? Basic Ethernet Select More Criteria
Whozz Calling? Deluxe Ethernet Select More Criteria


Whozz Calling?
Basic Serial
Whozz Calling?
Deluxe Serial
Whozz Calling?
Basic Ethernet
Whozz Calling?
Deluxe Ethernet
Works in selected country
Country:Caller ID formats vary throughout the world. Basic units only support a limited number while Deluxe units support most all formats.[?]
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Outgoing calls Outbound Caller ID:Units with this feature will report the line number on which an outbound call was placed, the time and date of the call, phone number dialed and the duration of the call.[?]
Call Duration Duration of Calls:The duration is calculated as the time between when the phone went Off-Hook to when it went On-Hook.[?]
Call Blocking Call Blocking:Disconnects the output jack from the incoming phone line based on a black list of Caller ID numbers. A reverse application involving blocking of all but a list of accepted Caller ID numbers can also be employed.[?]
Real Time Call Status Real Time Detailed Events:Units sends change of status on the line. First Ring, On-Hook, Off-Hook, and Flash Hook are reported. Used primarily in robust Caller ID apps.[?]
Designed for Multiple Computers Designed for Multiple Computers:Although serial units can be used, Ethernet units are inherently superior delivering data to multiple computers on the LAN.[?]


All units avaliable in 2, 4, and 8 line models.
Select a country to determine if an international power supply is required.