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Diagnostic Tools

  • Serial Loop II (Replaces WC Toolbox)
    This application is used for troubleshooting Whozz Calling? serial port devices. It is a serial terminal program similar to HyperTerminal for Windows.
  • Ethernet Link Config Plus
    The ELConfig utility allows you to change network parameters for Ethernet Link enabled devices. These include IP and MAC addresses, Port numbers, and unit ID numbers. This utility also allows users to send commands to, and receive device parameters from Whozz Calling "full-featured" units.
  • Vertex Configuration Tool (Requires .Net Framework 3.5)
    Program designed to configure the Vertex, “Caller ID for VoIP” device.  Tools for unit setup, call monitoring, and diagnostics are built into this application.  The installer package also contains a firmware up-loader to accomplish any upgrades necessary.
  • PuTTY
    PuTTY is a program designed for Telnet and SSH communication, but also has the ability to communicate via serial port.

  • USB to RS232(serial) CD Drivers
    USB to RS232(serial) Alternative Drivers
    Drivers for the USB Serial device we ship with some of our products.