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Multi-line Caller ID Hardware for PC and Computer Applications

Colage.png is the world's leading manufacture of commercial multi-line Caller ID hardware for computer telephony. We now ship to more than 74 countries, and are the sole provider to over 170 software companies. is the standard for serious commercial applications.

Our rock-solid hardware is backed with a 2-year warranty and technical support during the entire product warranty period. is the clear choice for software developers, integrators, dealers, VARs, and end-users alike.

Developer Benefits

  • Executables, Source Code, and Test ToolsFully functional executables along with complete royalty-free source code is available in a variety of programming languages. Our Ethernet Emulator test tool program allows you to send Caller ID records to your application without the need for Caller ID hardware.
  • Developer's UnitA Developer's unit is a standard product model with an additional button for simulation of Caller ID data. Used for both development and beta testing at a customer's location.
  • Expert Advice on User InterfacesWe have worked with more than 200 different software companies and seen user interfaces that work best in different industries.
  • User Interface has created an interactive user interface design example showing some of the best features that you may want to integrate.
  • Alpha and Beta SupportYou may be new to computer telephony integration and installation and we are here to assist. Since there may be some technical issues on initial installs, we will help guide you through all aspects of implementing your customer test sites.
  • Technical SupportOur knowledgeable staff strives to make each customer installation quick and painless being extremely well-versed in both computer and telephony issues. is End-user Friendly

  • Direct customers are just as important to as dealers and distributors. You will receive the same attention from our staff as our volume buyers. Even if you are not technically inclined, our personnel will help you choose the right product and get it installed quickly.
  • New to Computer Caller ID?Most users are new to computer telephony integration and our knowledgeable sales staff will listen to your needs, suggest solutions, and guide you in terms you will understand. All technical issues will be addressed to ensure successful results before we accept your order.
  • Complete PackagesIf you are looking for a solution for your home or business, we offer complete packages including software, hardware, and data & phone cables making installation a snap.
  • Risk Free OrderingWe offer al 45 day money back guarantee and a 90 day exchange policy. If you change your mind, simply contact us, return your hardware, and receive a full refund or exchange devices without penalty.
  • Unlimited Free Technical SupportOur knowledgeable staff will make sure that your installation is quick and painless. They are extremely well-versed in both computer and telephony issues.
  • Two Year WarrantyAll products are backed by a 2-year warranty. We will repair, free of charge, any product that fails under normal use for a period of 2 years. See our complete 2-year warranty policy here.

Benefits for Dealers and VARs

  • Technical SupportEven if you are new to computer telephony integration, we will verify your application; get you the right product; and assist with the installation. If you prefer, we will also support your customers directly during the entire product warranty period. .
  • Virtually No Hold TimeWhen you are on-site, we know you can't afford to wait for technical support. During normal business hours you can speak to a "live" technician immediately.
  • Computer and Telephony ExpertiseOur staff will make sure that your installations are quick and painless. They are extremely well-versed in both computer and telephone issues.
  • Risk-free OrderingWe extend a 60 day money back guarantee to dealers. Simply contact us, return the unit, and receive a full refund. If your customer cancels the order - you are covered.
  • Liberal Exchange PolicyYou have 90 days to exchange a unit with no restocking charges. For example, after installation a customer decides they want a 4-line model instead of a 2-line, simply return the unit for full credit.
  • Two Year WarrantyWe will repair, free of charge, any product that fails under normal use for a period of 2 years. See our complete 2-year warranty policy.
  • Deep Dealer DiscountsDealers of our software partners may benefit from our mutual arrangement with them receiving discounts better than listed on our Dealer Price List. Please contact us for your discount.

Product Features

  • Capable of both inbound and outbound Caller ID capture.
  • Ethernet or Serial Port models available.
  • USB to Serial Port adapter cables make a USB connection a snap.
  • Free pop-up and logging programs, or use software from our partners.
  • Approved in 74 countries covering all international Caller ID formats.
  • Compatible with all analog and VoIP phone lines.
  • Easy integration into applications with free development tools.

Vertex - Caller ID for VoIP


The Vertex collects inbound and outbound call information on both Hosted and Managed VoIP systems. It is compatible with any software package originally designed to work with's Whozz Calling? units.

If you need Caller ID popup screens with your VoIP phone service, the Vertex is the solution.